PULWAMA- The Air Strike:

The Balakot Airstrike which take place on 26 February 2019, when the de facto border was crossed by India using their warplanes, in the region which was under dispute in Kashmir, the bombs were dropped in the town of Balakot, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the province of Pakistan. 

It was Pakistan on 26 February to made an announcement, that Indian planes have been dropping payloads in Balakot.

The confirmation of the airstrike was done by India in the daytime, informing about the deaths of large number of terrorists caused as the bombing was done on the training camps of the terrorists.

The next day i.e. 27 February doesn't seems that good to India as one of its Indian warplane with its pilot shot down and was being captured by the Pakistan's military, who returned to India on 1st March. 

On 4 October 2019, it was acknowledged that an Mi-17 helicopter was dropped down and the 6 Airmen who were there were killed.

It was cleared by the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensics Laboratory, that no hilltop were targeted in the Jaba hilltop in the vicinity of Balakot.

Some international journalists, with complete trip planning were also taken to the Jaba hilltop to find the evidence of any harm, whereas nothing was found even no traces of recent rebuilding was found to be seen.

All this was done on 10 April, 2019, which is about 47 days, after the airstrike. 

After the wars which took part in 1971, between India and Pakistan, this was the first time an airstrike took place, with Nuclear powers crossed the Line of Control.

The Cause of the war:

The Kashmir insurgency which was going on since 1989, got a new pace when Burhan Wani, then the commander of Hizbul Mujahideen, in an encounter were killed, act as the wave to all the skirmishes in the year 2016.

Various militants and the civilians were killed in the violence in the year 2018, who were more than about 500.

A vehicle borne, suicide bomber was used to kill the fleet of vehicles which was carrying the Security personnel, and were crossing over the National highway of Jammu Srinagar, Lethpora in the Pulwama District of Jammu and Kashmir, all this took place on 14 February, 2019.

46 Central Reserve Police Force officers got killed as a cause to this attack.

It was assured that attack has been done by Indian-administered Kashmir, and the terrorist group of Jaish-e-Mohammad. 

In 2019, all these controversies led the Airstrike, whereas at this time same as Pakistan Indian government rejected all the allegations forced by Pakistan.

The Complete Incident:

The intrusion of Indian aircrafts in Pakistan airspace, was being claimed by them, stigmatizing Indian fleets, that they release their bombs which hit the open areas. In a press release, the Director General (ISPR) of Pakistan, Asif Ghafoor, made a statement that three IAF teams were seen entering the Pakistan borders in the early timing of 26 February. He also said that two of the teams didn't crossed the borders as they were obstructed by the Pakistan combat air patrolling team, but the third team crossed the borders from the side of the Kiran Valley , near Muzaffarabad. The defense Minister of Pakistan, Pervez Khattak, stated that Pakistani air force couldn't reach the spot at time, as they were not aware about the extent of damage caused.

Later in the daytime, India confirmed the airstrike, and said that it was completely non-military, as the complete focus was on Jaish-e-Mohammad's camps facility within Pakistan.

Mirage-2000 jets, were used in the airstrike, this information was lately out by India.



Sappar Prakash Jadhav- Rashtritya Rifles- Kriti Chakra

Agarwal- Yudh Seva Medal

Group captain- Saumitra Tamaskar, Wing Commander, Pranav Raj, Wing Commander Amit Ranjan, 4 squadron leaders- Rahul Basoya, Pankaj Arvind Bhujade , B Karthik Narayan Reddy, and Shashank Singh- Vayu Sena Medal

Sunil Kashidath Vidhate, Yeshpal Singh Negi, Hemant Kumar, Hansel Joseph Seqeira- Yudh Seva Medal

Besides all this, 8 Shaurya Chakra and 98 Sena Medals were also been given.

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