Basic Questions for Interview:

Question 01: Can you tell us about yourself?

 Answer 01: Here the interviewer is looking forward to know about your academic history and interest, which led you on the way of your career you want to pursue.

You can give the answer on the basis of your likes/dislikes, past, the place you grew up and many more.

Question 02: What are the things that makes you work for our company?

Answer 02: Emphasize the strengths as well as the experiences that make you closer to that company, their fame in the society.

These answers can help you make the interviewer impress from you.

Question 03: Why should I hire you?

 Answer 03: Let the interviewer know about your strengths, your qualities, your patience level, your way of impressing people, this can make you help in making your good image in front of the person.

Question 04: How will you be described  by the person who knows you?

Answer 04: At this time you should not think about your friends or relatives, rather than you should think about your colleagues and other former persons, who will describe you based on your academic growth and works.

Question 05: Should we discuss about our weakness?

Answer 05: Here you must be very careful on discussing about your weaknesses in front of the panel, example: you should not tell that you wake up late, you don't reach the office on time, while your answers should include your work-related weaknesses and the way you will work on them in future.

 Question 06: On what basis will you choose your university?

Answer 06: The answer should involve the perspective what the panel is expecting from your side, tell them about the good academic university and also the branch which will help you in building his/her future better.

Question 07: What are your salary requirements?

Answer 07: Even though the question 0f salary doesn't comes in an initial interview, but some interviewers would want to know if you are aware about the pay scale decided for them. 

You should not go straight on the value, but can try to state a range or something.

Question 08: What motivates you the most?

 Answer 08: The answer can involve your family, your passion, your way to the success, your dreams, etc. can make the panel get impressed from you.

Question 09: Why are you leaving your current job(if any)?

Answer 09: You can tell them if you are facing any problem reaching the place, you are not happy from that environment, you are stick and is not able to fulfill your dreams, etc.

Question 10: How will you handle your failure?

Answer 10: You can tell them about your great forth-growing nature, which makes you able to stand back again at the place, you can explain them different ways by giving different situations and the procedure to overcome them.

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