New study finds of glaciers melting at a faster rate.

 Glaciers are classified in three main groups-

(1) glaciers that extend in continuous sheets, moving outward in all directions.

(2) glaciers confined within a path that directs the ice movement are called mountain glaciers.

(3) glaciers that spread out on level ground or on the ocean at the foot of glaciated regions are called piedmont glaciers or ice shelves.

Melting glaciers, rising seas-

The researchers also found that glacier mass loss accelerated. Glaciers lost 227 gigatonnes of ice annually from 2000 to 2004, but that increased to an average of 298 gigatonnes each year after 2015.

“Ten years ago, we were saying that the glaciers are the indicator of climate change, but now actually they’ve become a memorial of the climate crisis,” said World Glacier Monitoring Service Director Michael Zemp, who was not part of the study.

“I have no expectation, in all honesty, that even substantial action to reduce our emissions and control the Earth’s temperature rise is going to grow our glaciers,”

 Hundreds of millions of people would be going inland. And what is now perhaps an efficient subway transport system would become the domain of fish and sea squirts. Cities deluged, land becomes sea.

Careful caretakers-

“We need to become very, very careful caretakers of oceans and all the natural ecosystems on land. Then we can still avoid the most catastrophic outcomes.”

These are warnings we hear time and time again, only they’re becoming louder and more urgent as science reveals reality, just as surely as the glaciers reveal bare rock.

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